PMT Security adds another senior staff member

Leading security integrators PMT Security have today announced the appointment of George Karanikos to the role of Senior Business Analyst. The new role will focus on the delivery of digital infrastructure and services, with a strong emphasis on automation and simplification to provide extra value to new and existing customers, particularly in the retail sector.


Karanikos has an extensive history in the field of business analytics, having spent the past seventeen years in various leadership roles at Coles Myer Group. His experience extends to the writing and facilitation of tenders for vendor services including security, data, warehousing and integration. He will be tasked with identifying opportunities to automate, simplify processes and reduce administrative overhead for PMT Security customers, while increasing the accuracy and consistency of existing solutions.


“I will be bringing my depth of experience in the retail sector to this role, looking for ways to add value to PMT’s customers through improving processes. I have been a customer of PMT Security myself for a number of years, and will look to leverage that experience and inside knowledge to drive business improvements and win tenders,” said Karanikos.


Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT Security adds: “George brings a new level of knowledge to the business, with the capability to really drive large retail tenders for us and use his analytical skills to find new opportunities and increased value for our customers. I am thrilled to have him join us after his long and successful career at one of Australia’s largest retailers, and am enthusiastic to add these new dimensions to our rapidly-growing business.”