Safer and Smarter

Striking a proper balance between, People Management, Analytics and Investment

Empowering businesses

Achieve significant positive changes to business security and workforce management

Customised Integrated Solutions

Innovative high level design and implementation

Your Solutions

Simply, we will assist in helping you achieve the best solution for your business through technology and innovation.

The Power of Partnering

Business partnerships take on a variety of forms. PMT knows that sharing resources and knowledge with like-minded partners will achieve objectives sooner than what we would on our own.

Our Team

PMT have an experienced and skilled team who each bring their own talent to the table which contributes to the overall success of our group.

Our Customers

“Myer values our relationship with PMT Security Systems who support our National Security Program and who are always looking at new and
innovative ways to help us improve systems and processes”

Rod Clarke Profit Protection Services Manager | Store Operations Support



Effective remote services from system programming, ad hoc services, access card processing to monitoring. A cost efficient end to end service solution



PMT will provide a systematic inspection, detection, correction & prevention of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects



Your business can rely on PMT to design + construct a solution that suits your business needs. Whether it is an existing or new site, PMT will meet your needs. Upon competition, we will continue to service and maintain. We won’t walk away!!

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