We provide an end-to-end security service, covering all aspects of modern, sophisticated surveillance and situational awareness. This includes state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, network audio, access control, alarm systems and the networking that ties them all together.


We work with some of the world’s leading vendors to bring the very best products, software and solutions to our customers.


IP-video cameras come in many shapes and forms, each of them designed for specific roles within a secure environment. From PTZ cameras with built-in AI-powered object tracking, through to fish-eye cameras capable of watching a wide space in high-resolution detail with Wide Dynamic Range, we have every aspect covered.

PMT Security uses an advanced, in-house system to audit any space, and work out the very best ways to optimise cameras and networking to cover it securely, while incorporating the very best value. We maximise the use of technology to make it work as hard for our customers as possible.

Access Control

The concept of a single, secure perimeter has changed forever. Access control now covers the entire spectrum of technologies including connected doors, barriers, access gates, logical access control, mobile credentials, smart cards, tags and tokens, facial recognition, biometric scanning and more. User information must be protected by the strongest of digital protocols, with data stored securely in cloud-based vaults.

Access control has also morphed into a critical situational awareness tool. Using the same technology that can verify a user’s identity and allow them to access a specific site or area, smart nodes connected to an open, central platform can now gauge things like maximum occupancy, and optimise other systems such as HVAC and lighting to ensure safety, comfort and efficient use of power and resources.


Smart, networked alarms form a critical part of the security setup. Once a static element of security, alarms are now connected to other systems such as cameras and audio, and can be set to very specific parameters – alerting administrators of things like a foreign object detected in a field of view, or distinguishing the difference between a genuine intruder and a rogue possum.

Network audio

Audio can be connected to other systems as part of a holistic security solution, providing two-way communication between a front entrance or car park and the central control room, or from say, a remote part of a campus. Audio can be set to make broadcast alerts and messages across an entire facility, or to communicate specifically with one office or classroom. 


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PMT is a nationwide, Australian owned company, providing a complete spectrum of customised security and communication solutions.