About Us

PMT is a nationwide, Australian owned company, providing a complete spectrum of customised security and communication solutions.

Starting life in 1979, PMT has grown to become one of the largest and best-known security and technology companies operating in Australia, with offices in all major cities and representation right across the country.


Despite our success, we pride ourselves on still delivering that personal level of service that gave us a point of difference from the very start. While we service some of the largest national organisations in Australia across the retail, commercial and government sectors, we are still at heart a family-run business with deeply-embedded core values.


As innovators, we have embraced new technologies over the years as they are introduced and passed those benefits on to our customers. This has led us to diversify our offering, and we now provide advanced communications solutions along with our portfolio of class-leading security services.

Our Team


Covering every state in Australia, our team has built up a vast amount of experience across all aspects of security and technology. Starting life as a family business, we understand that our people are the very core of our success, and many have been with us for the majority of their careers. Our employees bring local, national and international industry expertise to our projects, and we encourage the PMT family to keep educating and furthering their skills throughout their career. Our team is laser-focused on customer success on every level, and will always go the extra step to make positive things happen.

Code of conduct


Honesty, integrity, respect, confidentiality and safety underpin our core code of conduct. All new employees are inducted to our system on their first day and live their professional lives by the rules we set out.

Our Vision


Our core values underpin everything we do. Strong leadership coupled with an open and honest mindset have brought us successful interaction with countless customers over the years. We are committed to our most valuable asset – our staff – and empower them to think on their feet, make decisions and ask questions. 


Our vision is based on our honesty – we are not just moving solutions into a premises then stepping back. We will be truthful with any service or advice we give you, to the point of sometimes pushing back if an idea is not going to work 100%, or if there are ways we can save you money time and effort.


At heart we are a family-owned and run business – our staff are an extension of our family, and we all play by the same rules. 

PMT is a nationwide, Australian owned company, providing a complete spectrum of customised security and communication solutions.