PMT Security promoting industry growth with apprenticeship program

Nationwide security integrators PMT Security are actively progressing a campaign to identify and nurture talent in the security industry by creating a pathway program for apprenticeships across the company.

With the aim of educating school-leavers and individuals looking at a career change about the broad range of opportunities that lie within the security industry, the program puts in place structures allowing apprentices to learn skills on the job while earning a salary, as well as augmenting their on-site knowledge and skills with theory-based and practical learning at TAFE.

Managing Director at PMT, Darren Taylor, said of the program: “There is a very wide range of jobs available within the security industry, from installing cameras through to integrating software systems. We feel there is a lack of awareness about the industry in some sectors and want to help people discover what a diverse and fulfilling area security is these days.”

PMT Security has on-boarded four apprentices in recent times, in the role of security technician. Working through TAFE NSW and TAFE Queensland, the apprentices will each graduate as a fully qualified technician. The skills they acquire cover installation, maintenance, and integration of a wide range of security products including cameras, alarms, access control solutions and security equipment.

Many security technicians decide to further their careers by doing further education, and can become accredited in a wide range of scenarios and technologies including video data analytics, Facial Recognition, and network infrastructure.

“The days are gone when working in security meant you were an electrician who simply decided to focus their business on wiring up CCTV cameras. There big, thriving companies with all manner of jobs available to the right people these days, working with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. We want to provide knowledge about these jobs to a broader section of society and open a few doors for young people with the right attitude and mindset,” concludes Taylor.

PMT announces recruitment of Tony Dabbs to role of Security Development Manager

National security integrator PMT Security have announced that experienced security industry professional Tony Dabbs has joined the company, moving into the newly-created role of Security Development Manager.

Dabbs’ primary responsibility for PMT Security will be to manage all interaction with one of the organisation’s major retail banking customers, including day-to-day security maintenance and services across more than 900 retail outlets and fifteen commercial properties across Australia.

Dabbs joins PMT Security with an extensive track record in security integration, having held holding technical, sales and general management positions at a number of leading companies. Over the last 15 years he has worked in the product distribution space, predominantly selling video surveillance and associated solutions.

He also brings to the role a lot of experience working directly with finance and banking organisations, an asset that will be very useful to PMT’s customer portfolio, according to Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT Security: “Tony has been in and around the security industry for a long time, and has a great deal of knowledge and experience. He also brings extensive contacts right across the industry, and his direct experience within the retail and commercial banking sector will be invaluable to our services in that sector.”

Dabbs joins PMT Security at a time when the company is recording a strong growth trajectory, having added several new senior roles to the company roster over the past 12 months. The company is also broadening the scope of industries in which they specialise, and gaining expertise and certifications with a host of cutting-edge technologies driving innovation and change in the security industry.

“PMT Security has been a client of mine for many years, and when the opportunity arose to join the business I was delighted. PMT Security’s national presence, capability of their staff and systems, quality customer base and sound financial capacity position them strongly in the market to continue to grow, and provide a great level of service to their customers,” said Dabbs.

PMT Security signs partnership with Gallagher

Nationwide security integrator PMT Security has today announced a partnership with Gallagher, effective across the state of Victoria. The partnership will add Gallagher’s diverse and extensive portfolio of access control, software management and other innovative security solutions to PMT’s capabilities.

The partnership presents a wide range of new possibilities across new markets for PMT Security in Victoria, especially in high-security deployments. Gallagher’s solutions include command and control software, access devices and intruder intelligence with solutions that are secure by design.  

“This is a big and important partnership for PMT Security, as we look to continue building our brand diversity and expanding the range and level of services we can provide,” said Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT Security. “Working with a prestigious, high-end security provider such as Gallagher gives us scope to enter new industries and innovate with sophisticated technology.

PMT Security underwent a rigorous process to gain the partnership with Gallagher, lasting several months. The company hopes to expand their portfolio of Gallagher products and solutions to include other states across Australia.

Suburban shopping centre deploys state-of-the-art Facial Recognition solution.

PMT Security recently deployed an advanced Facial Recognition (FR) solution and network of advanced IP cameras at a busy shopping centre in Sydney.

The customer

The shopping centre is a modern, medium-sized retail precinct, based in Western Sydney. It contains a Big W and a Woolworths as well as more than 50 specialty stores. The site also hosts several heritage-listed cottages, some of which date back to the 1860s.

The security mission at the centre is sensitive, due to the diverse nature of the buildings and a mixed demographic.

With major retail chains and a large and active community of customers to support, the retail centre required a solution that would deter antisocial behaviour, remain unobtrusive and reflect the nature of the premises, but still reinforce the message of safety and security.

The challenge

The retail destination had been experiencing antisocial behaviour from a small group of repeat offenders, and frequently worked with police to remove them from the premises. Trespassing outside of retail hours was a big issue for the shopping centre, and several known drug offenders were evicted on a regular basis.

Antisocial behaviour included individuals who frequently became a public nuisance by entering the centre whilst under the influence of illicit substances, shoplifting and disturbing the peace.

“We could only use footage from our network of cameras to find these individuals after the event, which was time-consuming. Trespassing in particular was a real problem for a while, it was happening almost every day,” reported a spokesperson at the facility.

The shopping centre required a solution that would help them recognise individuals who were known to have transgressed in the past, and alert staff and authorities that they had entered the premises despite being banned.

“We needed a more sophisticated system that could help us to single out these individuals before they became a problem, and enable us to be proactive about clamping down on antisocial behaviour before it deterred our loyal customers”.

The PMT Solution

Management approached security service providers PMT Security about a holistic, best-of-breed solution.

“We needed something that went beyond the footage provided by our network of analogue security cameras and the people sitting behind them watching monitors all day. The retail centre is a real destination for local shoppers who come for the diverse specialty stores, big retail and food chains and a wide variety of excellent cafes. We needed to create a safe environment that made our customers feel secure, so it was essential that we introduced cutting-edge technology to help us achieve that.”

PMT Security worked with world-leading vendors to create a complete solution, which now enables this shopping centre to be proactive about security.

At the centre of the technology stack, an open-platform Video Management Software (VMS) solution from Milestone Systems powers a network of IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders.

“Being an open-platform solution, the Milestone VMS supports the widest variety of cameras and other hardware, and also allows us to plug in the other solutions that we need in order to provide the absolute latest and most high-tech security solution possible in the market today,” said Darren Taylor, Managing Director at PMT Security.

One such integration is the shopping centre’s Facial Recognition (FR) solution, powered by Vix Vizion’s Imagus software.

The FR solution allows security administrators to automate parts of the monitoring process, by setting alerts and profiles on the system for certain individuals. The FR solution will recognise these people as they enter the store, pulling up a record of their misdemeanours, and automatically alert security personnel. Further to this, the Imagus system also recognises and tracks their associates, to add a further layer of security to the network.

“The Imagus FR solution uses Artificial Intelligence to pick out an individual in a crowded centre, then learn who they are known to enter the shops with. That way we are able to keep track of not just a noted person on the banned list, but any people that they associate with upon entering the premises, so we are able to stamp out further bad behaviour before it becomes a problem for our shoppers,” adds their security manager.

Fraser Larcombe of Vix Vizion explains further: “Facial Recognition technology can add benefits to security by not just identifying criminals, but also giving users the ability to look for unknown associates of that criminal, and finding people that may have been involved but weren’t originally known to the user. It empowers users to find links between suspected individuals and follow certain behaviours on a whole new level of investigation.”

The PMT Security solution uses the Imagus software, combined with the network of IP cameras within Milestone’s XProtect platform, to identify these repeat offenders and alert authorities that there has been a trespassing incident at the centre. However, there is scope to add more features to the solution in coming months.

“Deployments like this are at the very forefront of today’s video technology, but also opens up the possibility of more complementary technologies being added in the future. An open platform allows for a huge amount of functionality to be built into a security solution and, as we see in this case, essentially future-proofs the premises and the business. They can add the latest technologies as they become available and therefore continue to offer their customers the very best retail experience moving forward,” said Brett Hansen, Country Manager, Milestone Systems.

Data analysis, pedestrian heat-mapping, demographic profiling, time-and-space studies and special optimisation technology are all viable additions which can be built into a sophisticated retail video solution.

Larcombe from Vix Vizion goes on to add: “Facial “verification” can also help customers in say, a retail environment, by recognising a VIP shopper and creating a seamless experience. Imagine walking into your local retail bank branch to discuss a loan and finding all the paperwork ready for you at the desk, or walking into a coffee shop and using your face to get your regular order, with no waiting in line.”

Managers also cite the ease-of-use as a big factor that is making life easier at the shopping centre.

“We have got a lot more cameras than we did before, they are placed all around the centre now which is much better than it was before. However, despite having more devices with more data being recorded, it is actually quicker and easier to monitor and administer the cameras than it was previously. We can put say, four or five cameras on the one save rather than doing each one individually, and we can now just put the times in, export the files and we are done. It really is easy – honestly, you could train a monkey to do it!”

Return on investment

The PMT Security solution has enabled the shopping centre’s security team to curb offensive behavior and trespassing, making the security mission much more effective while saving the team a lot of time that was previously spent monitoring screens and manually inputting data. The number of individuals attempting to trespass on the property has dropped to ‘almost zero’ as a result of the investment.

PMT Security upgrades engineering services and remote support capability

PMT Security has upgraded the capabilities of its engineering team over the past twelve months, and is able to provide full remote support for a wide range of security and network deployments and solutions. The Melbourne-based integrator is also able to deploy and manage virtual solutions off-premises, saving customers time and reducing the total-cost-of-ownership for many security services.

“We have raised the bar significantly in recent times, and our ability to engineer, deploy and manage sophisticated and ultra-modern security services sets us apart from our competitors,” said Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT Security. “We have seen the industry evolve over the forty years we have been around and understand that simply delivering and installing boxes of equipment is no longer enough to keep customers safe.”

PMT Security have significantly increased the size and capabilities of their engineering department over the past twelve months, allowing customers better access to planning and design services up-front, and increasing the level of support and problem-solving post deployment.

The company cites a recent instance where a large Western Sydney council suffered a vendor hardware malfunction, and critical services were taken offline. The PMT Security engineering team, operating from offices in Sydney and Melbourne,  were able to provide a virtual work-around solution while the issue was being fixed, and reboot services with a minimum of data loss, time and effort.

“We can manage our solutions from anywhere, our engineers are both highly trained and equipped to handle complex problem-solving whenever and wherever they are required. We can monitor solutions and networks, provide patches and firmware updates, manage storage and data flow – and being able to do it remotely reduces the time it takes for our customers to get the support they require, as well as reducing the cost, in many cases, of sending technicians out to a site,” continues Darren Taylor.

PMT Security partners with a wide range of vendors to provide services including IP camera networks, video data analysis, preventive maintenance, public address systems, physical and logical access control and much more.

“We also have an advanced application that allows us to create a highly-realistic 3D image of an area, then plot the precise camera location for optimal coverage. This ensures there are no blind spots, we have the right pixel count for features like Facial Recognition (FR) and are making the absolute best use of the space in the most cost-effective manner,” continued Simon Vagg, lead engineer at PMT Security.

PMT’s engineering capabilities are helping the company to win more tenders across Australia, with services extending beyond the capability of many leading competitors.

“We have the ability to draft methodology plans, and carry out all work associated with a tender  -whereas many of our competitors need to rely on third parties to do the pre-staging for them. That way, we also have an intimate knowledge of the task once we win the contract, and can really hit the ground running,” continues Vagg.

PMT Security wins award at Axis Communications Partner Summit

Security integrators PMT Security have won the Partner of The Year award 2018 for the states of QLD & NT at Axis Communications’ Partner Summit for 2019, held at the Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island.

The award symbolises PMT’s growth and strong presence in the state of Queensland and the Northern Territory, recognising the work done by the Queensland team in developing PMT’s sales, marketing and channel presence in those regions.

The event, which is significant in the Oceania region as a platform for introducing the latest developments in surveillance camera and related technologies, ran for three days and was attended by industry influencers and stakeholders including analysts IHS Markit and the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), as well as senior executives from Axis’ global headquarters in Sweden.

PMT Security was represented at the event by Kane Mason, General Manager of Retail and Shane Taylor, National Installations Manager.  The pair accepted the award on behalf of the company and networked with senior industry figures from the vendor side as well as colleagues and contemporaries from throughout the security industry.

“As always, this was a valuable experience and a great chance to connect with other members of our regional market. It is critical to our growth and mission statement that we stay at the absolute forefront of developing technologies, and coming to events such as this, hosted by one of the world’s biggest security vendors, is imperative to maintaining our position as an industry leader,” said Kane Mason.

PMT Security takes out top honours at Milestone Systems’ annual summit

April 4th, 2019 – Melbourne-based security integrators PMT Security have received two major awards from the world’s leading Video Management Software (VMS) vendor, Milestone Systems, at the annual APAC-wide Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) event in Bali.

PMT Security was awarded Milestone Partner of the Year South Pacific, which recognises the vendor’s best-performing reseller partner across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the south Pacific region.

The company also received the award for Project of the Year South Pacific, based on a very large deployment and ongoing services with one of Australia’s largest retail groups.

“These awards are a real indication of how far we have come as a company, and a reward for all the hard work our staff have put in over the past year. We are winning the biggest contracts these days because of our ability to work with the best vendors such as Milestone, but we still bring that common touch to every job we do, and maintain a small-team, intimate relationship with our customers,” said Darren Taylor, Managing director at PMT Security.

“Events like MIPS are an important way for us to engage with the wider security solutions community, hear opinions about the future of our industry and get a taste for the most cutting-edge tools that will soon be at our disposal.”

The Milestone event ran for three days at Bali’s Sofitel Nusa Dua, and featured speakers from a variety of leading security and information management vendors.

Jordan Cullis, Director for APAC at Milestone Systems, said of the awards: “This gives due recognition to one of the region’s brightest stars. PMT Security has a long and storied reputation for excellence in the Australian security industry, which is built upon a desire to always stay on top of emerging technology, work with partners to constantly improve their offering, and good old-fashioned customer service. Many congratulations to Darren and the team, both awards are well deserved.”

PMT Security adds another senior staff member

Leading security integrators PMT Security have today announced the appointment of George Karanikos to the role of Senior Business Analyst. The new role will focus on the delivery of digital infrastructure and services, with a strong emphasis on automation and simplification to provide extra value to new and existing customers, particularly in the retail sector.


Karanikos has an extensive history in the field of business analytics, having spent the past seventeen years in various leadership roles at Coles Myer Group. His experience extends to the writing and facilitation of tenders for vendor services including security, data, warehousing and integration. He will be tasked with identifying opportunities to automate, simplify processes and reduce administrative overhead for PMT Security customers, while increasing the accuracy and consistency of existing solutions.


“I will be bringing my depth of experience in the retail sector to this role, looking for ways to add value to PMT’s customers through improving processes. I have been a customer of PMT Security myself for a number of years, and will look to leverage that experience and inside knowledge to drive business improvements and win tenders,” said Karanikos.


Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT Security adds: “George brings a new level of knowledge to the business, with the capability to really drive large retail tenders for us and use his analytical skills to find new opportunities and increased value for our customers. I am thrilled to have him join us after his long and successful career at one of Australia’s largest retailers, and am enthusiastic to add these new dimensions to our rapidly-growing business.”

PMT Security announces hire of Senior People & Culture Professional to Lead Organisational Transformation for growth

Following a period of sustained growth and increasing employee numbers, PMT Security has hired Cam Arrubla to the role of National People & Culture Manager. With an extensive track record in human resource management, coaching, cultural transformation, and organisational development, this new role will focus on guiding PMT Security smoothly through the current period of growth and subsequent cultural transformation, as well as setting structures in place for the future.

“We are lucky to have someone of Cam’s ability to help set up our employee programs and keep us moving steadily into a future where we have more diverse roles requiring multiple skill-sets. Our staff are very much our most important asset, and the time was right to recognise that we are transitioning into a larger enterprise in need of more professional structures,” said Darren Taylor, Managing Director of PMT.

In parallel to the harmonisation of the People & Culture framework, the role will include also, the advancement of a national shared-services hub for operations. PMT Security envisions the creation of development avenues for the staff nation-wide, therefore, this role is pivotal to set the strategy to foster a learning organisation capable of knowledge creation and sharing to enable succession pathways for the employees.

Arrubla has worked across several industries in the past including intellectual property, technology, consulting, health, aeronautics, defence, manufacturing and services, involving both public and private sector roles. His experience includes senior management positions in the USA and the Americas, and recently in Australia with The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and Serco APAC.

“I bring my experience and the passion for what I do to set the People & Culture foundation to assist PMT Security as it grows. There is a unique culture within the company, and it is going to be an exciting challenge to help steer that into a brighter future. I’ll keep leveraging the collaborative leadership style that has led me to accomplish short- and long-range objectives in my career so far.”

PMT Security install access control for Amart Furniture

Our team in Brisbane have spent the weekend installing state-of-the-art Gunnebo gates and an access control solution for nationwide furniture retailers Amart.

With sixty stores across the country and a very busy call centre to manage, Amart’s head office and distribution centre in Brisbane gets a lot of foot traffic. To make the premises safer for staff while protecting important business assets, fast, secure Gunnebo gates have been installed which link to an access control solution. This allows staff the safety and convenience of using their personal identification card to enter and exit the building, keeps out unauthorised visitors and gives management a record of who is in the premises at any given time.