FMCG chain deploys SmokeCloak security devices, stops theft in its tracks

A well-known nation-wide chain of fast-moving consumer goods retailers recently deployed a PMT Security solution for deterring theft, and the results have been striking.

With stores in all major capital cities selling low-margin, high-turnover products the chain was exposed to relatively frequent instances of theft. They wanted to find a solution that would instantly deter potential thieves, at the same time as preventing thefts from taking place.

After a thorough investigation, the chain decided to deploy SmokeCloak anti-theft security fog devices at several of their Sydney outlets.

Once installed and activated the device emits a dense fog, instantly rendering anyone in the store temporarily incapacitated and unable to see. The fog – which is entirely harmless to goods and fixtures – disperses after a few minutes, by which time security or police have generally arrived at the scene.

Devices can be integrated with other elements of a security system, such as automated cameras, alerts and alarms. This means that security can be called instantly when a device deploys, giving them a high chance of capturing thieves red-handed.

Certain devices in the SmokeCloak range can also be paired with high-power strobe lights and a piercing alarm, which effectively provides a ‘sensory overload’ and is highly effective for driving thieves from a store.

The SmokeCloak fog is environmentally friendly, and physically benign – meaning that anyone exposed to it won’t have lasting physical effects.

Following a successful incident whereby three would-be thieves were driven from an attempted cigarette robbery by the SmokeCloak device – in this instance paired with a strobe light and high-power alarm – the retail chain will roll out the devices across more stores in NSW, before expanding the program to Victoria and other states.

“It was highly satisfying to watch the security camera footage of this, and see three thieves escaping desperately from the scene of the attempted crime,” said a spokesperson from the store. “They were unable to take any of our stock, so the system worked perfectly. Hopefully they go away and tell their friends about this, so it will deter more would-be thieves in the future!”

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