PMT security launches new value-add security audit program.

PMT security launches new value-add security audit program.

PMT Security has today launched a new initiative aimed at helping current and future customers fully understand the current state and performance of their electronic security systems including access control, alarms, and CCTV. The service will be a core part of PMT Security’s value proposition moving forward, aimed at minimising risk and ensuring that companies taking advantage of this service have a fully optimised and operational system at all times.

The PMT Security audit process involves a systematic assessment of the facility in question, looking at all elements of the current system to ensure that it is fully operational. This will provide a comprehensive framework which is used to evaluate the health of the system and mitigate any factors which could lead to downtime or critical systems failure. In full, the comprehensive assessment provides a full audit of the current electronic security system, a performance evaluation to check on the effectiveness and efficiency of all elements in the system, a vulnerability assessment and a full completion report which includes current status, and future recommendations.

“The initiative was developed on the back of a critical security system failure at one of our customers sites, where their CCTV system was non-operational at the time of a critical incident,” reveals Paul Newby, National Brand Manager at PMT Security. “We frequently witness older systems which are no longer fully functional, or even modern systems which have not been properly planned or deployed. These pose a real risk to business operations and can often be fixed quite quickly and easily with a little proper awareness and planning.”

The new complementary service will be available from May 2021. Companies can register their interest by clicking the link below.

“We perceive a very real need to not just tick boxes and on-sell security products and services but provide the sort of service that will help people stay risk-free and maximise the hardware they already have. As one of the most experienced security providers in Australia, we are well-placed to pass on our expertise and help companies establish what they have got, how it is working and what they might need as they move into the future,” explains Darren Taylor, Managing Director at PMT Security.

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