Security and eCommerce

A comprehensive security plan is essential for any business – across cyber, physical security, supply chain, individual identification and more.

This is certainly the case for eCommerce organisations, with a range of security challenges which must be overcome to ensure business continuity and ongoing productivity – as well as enhancing the customer journey.

Through a modern, integrated security solution, an eCommerce operation can safeguard warehousing facilities, loading docks and carparks at the same time as making employees safer and more efficient.

A free security audit can provide detailed information about the optimal placement for cameras and network access points, as well as advanced features such as IoT sensor nodes and network audio. Access control can be linked to a Video Management Software (VMS) platform, providing advanced situational awareness about people entering or leaving the premises.

Going into a little more detail:

Network IP cameras come in a very wide range of shapes, sizes and capabilities, with the perfect solution available for any size and shape of space. Protecting warehousing facilities may involve finding the perfect blend of PTZ, fisheye and high-definition cameras.

Access Control solutions include prox cards, readers, mobile phone solutions and smart barriers. All of these are connected to a central server which records activity on the network – and can therefore be used to audit entries to the building.

Video cameras can be integrated with access control and other sensors to automatically activate in a remote area such as the back loading dock, and record arrivals and departures as well as alerting staff that there is a vehicle waiting.

Network audio can be switched on at this point on to communicate messages across the facility, or to communicate directly with a truck or delivery driver at the back dock or carpark.

Mobile phone reception is critical for a modern facility, and our In-Building Coverage (IBC) solutions can enhance existing signal strength for all major carriers significantly, without the need to add expensive new hardware. Staff, suppliers and visitors will enjoy better mobile coverage within the facility, and remote systems reliant on mobile signals will work more efficiently.

Mobile reception, coupled with automated cameras and two-way audio is also invaluable for click-and-collect functionality, providing customers with a smooth and efficient experience.

Many parts of a warehouse or other facility can also be enhanced by adding IoT nodes and sensors to a security system, providing advanced levels of situational awareness. For example, sensors in a staff kitchen can switch on cameras and alarms if excessive heat is detected, and smart nodes in a network audio solution can pick up on aggressive or angry tones of voice, alerting management to potential problems in a carpark or back dock for example.

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